Monday, 1 December 2008

Conferences, conferences and more conferences!

I've just come back from presenting at RAatE 2008 at Coventry University. I talked about the a unique scheme our team operates to optimise the flow of communication between ourselves (as a specialist tertiary service) and local community OTs. As with all public speaking in was a bit nerve wracking but very worthwhile. It was interesting to learn about similar services in Ireland and the developing AAC/PC access service in East Kent

In September I was fortunate enough to attention the Communication Matters annual symposium. I a newbie in the field of Augmentative and Alternative Communication and it was really useful to gain such up to date ideas and information. CM is a truly personal and friendly event with many AAC users and their families attending.

I'm looking forward to attending the COT/BAOT annual conference next year. I went in 2007 and found it a genuinely inspiring event. I'm sure the same will be true this year and I have the added excitement of hosting a round table session with a colleague looking at the current and potential input of OTs to Augmentative and Alternative Communication.

Also on the agenda for next year is a workshop at the Cheshire Occupational Therapy Conference. Having previously worked for Cheshire County Council it will be a good opportunity to catch up with old work friends. I'm still not sure of the exact focus of the workshop but there is plenty of time to decide! The conference is a great example of collaborative learning where therapists from health and social care from across the county gather.

If you had told me when I was training that in my OT future I would be presenting at conferences to large groups I would have laughed. It goes to show that being excited about OT and pushing yourself to do the things that interest you, but scare you at the same time can be really positive. I find attending conferences a great luxury, taking time out from the day job to indulge myself in learning!

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