Thursday, 22 January 2009

Occupational Therapy as a way of seeing the world

Now I have been known to be a bit fluffy about OT but this post might be pushing the envelope a touch so stay with me. I was pondering today about how many OTs I talk with really feel that the importance of occupation is something that really speaks to them, that they really believe in it. I'm talking not just about saying all the right things about the importance of occupation when at work but about seeing the world from an occupational perspective.

I responded to a post on Facebook a few weeks ago from someone who was complaining that people kept asking her since she changed to a job that didn't have OT in the title, whether she missed being an OT. Her response - I'm still an OT! I wondered whether that though process applied outside the work environment and through some highly reliable research (chatting with green trousered friends) it would appear that we are all at it!

I see OT everywhere, from thinking about how to develop my blog to keeping to my new years resolution (or not) of healthy food and exercise. Rather than the famous line from the Sixth Sense, I see occupational beings!

Whilst all these thoughts are washing about up pops the excellent post from the Fredrick road crew. This throws much of my thought processes into chaos! Is it an OT specific thing to see things through the bottle green tinted glasses of occupation as central to identity, activity analysis and grading and holism?


  1. Thou dost speakest the truth. That's all can say to this post! Amen sister and hallelujah! I will ponder a better response over the next 48 hours :-).

  2. Wow! OK thanks! Would be an interesting area to research wouldn't it? - to what extent OTs view OT philosophy and core skills as restricted to the job and to what extent they feel it impacts on their personal life.

    I wonder if other professions feel the same? I would guess not?

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