Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Why blog?

So I'm broaching the idea of our service having a blog an I'm sure I will have to sell it so I had a look at why other people might think its a good, or bad, idea and found this interesting post.


  1. Good luck with getting the blogging underway. I would highly recommend that you look at the 31 day blogging challenge and 31 day comment challenge - both can be found in my ePortfolio: http://sarahstewart-eportfolio.wikispaces.com/Completed+Projects+2008

    In the meantime, thanks for popping by my blog-have enjoyed your comments.

    I'd really appreciate your comments on my latest post about our working environment. cheers Sarah

  2. Hello - i think this is a challenging idea - I am sure that my organisation would not be interested in having a blog. It is really disappointing, but that is the way it is. I seem to be following Sarah around everywhere, but I hadn't seen the 31 day blog challenge. It really does look like a challenge and I might try and work through a 31 month challenge. Cheers