Saturday, 14 March 2009

Blogging as a voice for the therapists "gut"

This post reflects my thought process following the hotly debated thread on the use of models on the Salford Road blog.

I was rambling on to my husband about how exciting it is to be engaged in a debate about OT with some of the most prominent and influential therapists in the world through web based media. I'll be honest with you - it can be a bit intimidating! This in turn got me thinking about some of the barriers that people have to blogging or engaging in these type of debates. Some of this anxiety may be related to a lack of confidence about articulating ones opinion in such a public way. Making your professional thoughts and opinions known on the web constitutes a type of risk taking in opening you up to critique and comment.

Practicing therapists often feel a gulf between critically appraised, peer review research or theoretical tomes. I then started thinking about how this online debate compares to writing or reading an article in a journal concluded that blogging and online debate offers such an exciting voice for the anecdotal, experimental "gut" professional opinion of practitioners. It provides such a responsive and engaging way to capture and communicate these types of thoughts and opinions.

So for me the internet offers a potential solution to the transmission of that knowledge which falls between practice and research.

As I tetter on the deg of confirming my MSc funding I feel these posts have been a "spa for the mind" and have both refreshed and really inspired me. This reflection galvanizes me in promoting the benefits of web based communication for therapists!

Let me know what you think!

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