Thursday, 12 March 2009

Cheshire Occupational Therapy Conference

I had a great time at the conference today which looked at celebrating the achievements in the past ten years, and considering how OT services can be modernised in times to come.

I really enjoyed giving a presentation on "E"nabling and talked about the ways in which web2.0 can be useful to occupational therapists and our service users.

I will post a more thorough summary and reflection on the day but as part of the talk I urged people to "dip their toe in" and have a look at one of the resources I mentioned. As such I wanted to put a quick post up and invite any of the people who were at the presentation today who might stop by the blog to just leave a quick comment.

At the bottom of this post just click "comments" and fire away. I would really welcome your feedback - and feel free to be honest (you can leave anonymous posts!)

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  1. sounds interesting ..look forward to reading the