Saturday, 6 March 2010

Well hello there world!

I know, I know, I said last time that I was back but this time I really mean it! I haven't been just sitting there you know, I have been doing more work for my MSc at Salford and plotting with TechOT among other things.

Its an exciting year with presentations at the COT annual conference, participating in a workshop for the WFOT congress in Chile.

Starting this blog was one of my first forays into web 2.0 in relation to my career. I was shocked to see how long it has been since I posted last. On tuesday I am helping out at the ripfa event in Birmingham which is looking at the impact of the personalisation agenda on the role of OT. I'm really looking forward to it, both because of the content and the social media that ripfa will be using to add value to the day. As part of that support I agreed to write about the event on my blog - only to find myself a bit red faced at the length of time since my last post.

So what has changed since I started the blog? Why has it fizzled? I think in part my greeness in launching into a series of posts, then realising I couldn't keep up the pace. Instead of making the blog a tool for me, I slipped into thinking it was a chore - something I had to do but wasn't really motivated to do.

Over the past few months I have used two channel - facebook and twitter. I find that facebook offers deeply personal interactions, while I have facebook friends who I have never met, I screen them carefully. In contrast on Twitter, I chat to anyone and everyone - follow and unfollow on a whim. So in effect Facebook is my "inner circle", my inward facing social media self. So if Twitter is by contrast my outward face then where does it leave my blog?

Well for things like this, reflections on issues that I want to post about. Post as opposed to short tweets, professional issues which would bore the pants of many of my fb friends.

I need to balance my online and offline life, and to recognise that I can't be everywhere at the same time!

Anyway I look forward to sharing my experinces and learning from Tuesday. Since first working as a senior practioner in social care when I came back from the US I have been a fan of ripfa, its a forward thinking and common sense response to the need of practioners on the ground to have a sifted and appraised source of up to date information. I also think that personalisation holds huge opportunities for our profession. So I guess they both fit my spec for "things to blog about".

Be right back!

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